Traditional backgrounds rely on tired methods to analyze and fortune cookie solutions. At GO CORP, we recognize that your organization is unique within national trends, and special, because it is made up of a particular culture. Theater and improvisation, coupled with practical approaches to organizational development, is an incredibly innovative instrument for affecting real change at the individual, team, and system layers of an organization (Kaplan, M., Cook C. E., & Steiger, J. 2006, May/June. Using theatre to stage instructional and organizational transformation. Change Magazine, 38:3, 32-39).

Relying on over eighteen years of experience as an out-of-the-box consultant for business (e.g. MiddleOak Insurance Company), corporate medicine (e.g. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention), and academia (over 75 different institutions including Harvard, the University of California System), Mr. Steiger and Mr. Jacokes will work closely with you to identify the “symptoms from the disease" and create a sensible plan that moves your organization forward.  

Whether solutions require the design and facilitation of a facilitated meeting, new trainings, or the simple change of one of your day-to-day processes, GO CORP creates the simplest, most direct approach, and in a manner that disarms tension while creating assessable change. 

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​Jeffrey A. Steiger