​Jeffrey A. Steiger

“The Magician makes the visible, invisible.

The Scientist makes the invisible, visible.

The Artist stands in between, indivisible.”  ― Natasha Tsakos


Looking for something deeper than our acclaimed workshops?

Introducing GO CO FOR BUSINESS, GO Comedy's specialized, in-depth business consulting company.

​Go Comedy! Improv Theater (http://gocomedy.net) creates performance, theater, and programming based on three principles: Integrity, Inspiration and Innovation. As a result of their highly successful and longstanding record of business workshops, PJ Jacokes (Second City Teacher and Producer at GO Comedy, http://gocomedy.net/pjjacokes) and Clinical Instructor of Psychiatry, Jeffrey Steiger (https://jeffreysteiger.crevado.com/about), have teamed to provide in-depth consulting to companies.

GO CO. FOR BUSINESS is a comprehensive, flexible consulting group that works with your leadership team to analyze, identify, and address organizational needs, barriers, and growth opportunities.

Fixes may require more than a retreat, new policy, or new position. Even a small challenge, such as a work team conflict, can be rooted in a longstanding company culture or an unchecked “just the way we do things.”

Business leaders need a clear picture of their organizational culture and a process to form and execute a solid strategy. They need consultants who have an arsenal of inventive approaches to interpret organizational culture and disarm high stakes communication with enlightening humor.